SmartGame PRO launches Main Round

Here is an overview of how it differs from the Primary Round, and what improvements were made upon request from the community.


The Main Round will have levels from 1 to 18. The order has changed! Now the levels are opened in ascending order, from the most affordable to the most expensive.
Activating the first level costs only 0.1 BNB! This means that all hurdles are removed, and everyone can join, as the entry threshold is as low as possible. This ensures that the game is available to the widest possible audience.


Freezing now works in a completely new way. To get more than 2 cycles from each level, you must activate the corresponding level in the Primary Round. You can see the correlation in the table below.
The reason for this is to keep both rounds active, so that players are motivated to activate all levels in both the Main Round and the Primary Round.

Keeping Partner Connections

Many players enter the game with their teams, and it's important for them to preserve all partner ties. Previously, you had to create a schedule and make sure no one would overtake others. Now there's no need for that! All you have to do is enter within 10 minutes from the start of the level, and all ties will be saved automatically.

Learn more

Updated presentations with detailed descriptions of game mechanics and rules are already available! Download them and share with your teams.