Major Forsage Update of July 2023

A new social media network, registration fee, achievements, mini-games and more

What’s new

There have been several recent updates and improvements to the Forsage ecosystem.

Here are the most exciting of them:

  • Forsage School is a free training course for those who want to build their own successful online business, attract and retain partners, and increase income. The course was created by leaders of successful teams based on extensive successful experience. The course can be taken at any convenient time. Hundreds of participants have already joined the school and are improving their skills.

  • Updates of notifications on the website. Now it is even more comfortable to keep track of all events in your account. You won't miss anything important.

  • Updated calculator. It is now even more user-friendly and gives you a better idea of your income prospects.

Be sure to try out all the new features if you want to boost your online business with Forsage.

Ideas and perspectives

Forsage is constantly evolving to ensure that it remains among the most advanced and innovative products on the market.

Previously, ideas were usually generated by the Forsage co-authors and leaders, but with the introduction of the Ideas tool on the user dashboard, everyone can make an input. We get a lot of ideas every day, and the community votes on them to show their approval and support.

The top ideas are considered by the Forsage team and put on a list for near-term deployment. At the same time, the team is compiling its own list of ideas, and dozens of solutions are already being developed and tested, though not yet publicly announced.

This month, the following community ideas made it to the top:

  1. Add social network functionality so users can publish posts and share their progress.

  2. Introduce a system of achievements to motivate members to grow their business with Forsage.

  3. Add mini-games to the website so that there would be one more reason to visit your favorite platform and decompress.

Quite interestingly, all of these ideas were already on the development list and in various stages of implementation. Now, with confirmation from the community, they have moved to the top of the priority list.

You'll see them on the website soon enough!

Registration fee

When Forsage was created, it was a very straightforward product, and everything was handled by a team of enthusiasts. Over time, Forsage developed, new programs emerged, new cryptocurrencies were introduced, and technical support became available.

Training, chat rooms for leaders, offline events, NFT-based products and much more appeared. The bigger our community gets, the more labor is required to maintain it and to implement new features and innovations. Without this, it is impossible to develop, or even just to keep things running smoothly.

In order to accumulate the budget for all ongoing and upcoming developments, the project team together with the leaders decided to introduce a fee for registration on the platform.

It will be only 0.9 BUSD, which is absolutely affordable for each new participant. The fee will be charged once upon registration and will be the entrance ticket for access to all existing and future Forsage products.

The fee will be automatically added to the activation cost of the first levels in the x3 and x4 programs. No additional steps will be required at registration.

The Future of Forsage

We all strive to see our platform becoming even more reliable, user-friendly and engaging. We welcome the creation of new programs, as well as the adoption of new tools.

All of this eventually contributes to attracting and retaining partners, so that all participants could maximize their profits.

We have many more innovations in store for you in the coming months!

Thank you for your support. Stick with Forsage!

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