New Model of Community Support

On February 1, 2023, Forsage will be 3 years old!

We've come a long way in that short period of time, created great tools that are appreciated by millions of people around the globe.

It's time to move forward and embark on the next phase that will outshine everything else put together.

What's new?

In order to develop the Forsage ecosystem, add new products and improve existing ones, changes are being introduced that will benefit for all community.

Soon every participant of our community, including both experienced leaders and those who have just joined us, will be convinced of the reasonableness of these changes.

Service Fee

Service Fee was integrated on the Forsage platform starting December 7, 2022.

The Forsage BUSD platform has a so-called service fee, which helps the platform to grow and expand the ecosystem of products.

The amount of fee on the Forsage platform is $0.9

No fee in the following cases [Forsage BUSD]:

  • Level 1 Registration [x3 program]

  • Level 1 Registration [x4 program]

  • Level 1 Registration [XXX program]

  • Level 1 Registration [xGold program]

Service fee is a fixed sum of $0.9, which is charged to Forsage platform participants.

The fee сharges in the following cases [Forsage BUSD]:

  1. Level 2-12 Activation [x3 program]

  2. Level 2-12 Activation [x4 program]

  3. Level 2-12 Activation [xXx program]

  4. Level 2-15 Activation [xGold program]

  5. Level 2-12 Activation [xQore program]

Thus, a fee of $0.9 will be charged starting from level 2 in the following programs: x3, x4, xXx, xGold, xQore.

This is what Service Fee looks like when participant upgrade level:

The introduction of a small fee will allow to improve the quality of the platform and start the large-scale events planned for the future.

Directions for development

There are a lot of updates and new challenges ahead that will allow us to expand our community and improve our current tools.

Here's a list of areas which will be affected by the implementation of the Service Fee:


  • 24/7 Support

  • Widget on the website

  • Discord server (news, meetings, chats in your native language)

  • Forsage New video content on the official YouTube channel

  • AMA sessions and public online meetings with leaders and co-authors

  • New articles in Forsage GitBook

  • Landing page Pack

  • NFT (new tools and new possibility for Forsage community)

Technical work

  • Forsage BUSD Bot Update (fix doubles and updates)

  • Improved servers accelerated node (frequent problem with sync accounts)

  • Website Protection

Forsage Platform Update

Team Support

  • Improvement of graphics

  • More videos (guides, etc.)

More updates

  • Adding contacts to the invite page

  • Calculator Forsage BUSD

  • Leaderboard

  • Theme selection for the invite page

More events

  • AMA sessions

  • More contests/raffles

  • Special promotions

Marketing activity

  • Interaction between leaders both inside and outside the Forsage ecosystem

  • Сollaborations with other projects

  • Social media advertising

Innovations will be integrated sequentially, especially Technical Updates

The introduction of Service Fee will allow our community to develop smoothly over a long period of time.

Smart contracts are unchanged. Users can still activate levels without commission by interacting directly with the smart contract.

Just one additional router will be added which charges users on the Forsage platform. The security of the platform will remain the same level.


Now we are ready to organize thousands of Forsage offline events and tremendous contests with big prizes, which will be aimed at increasing the activity of existing community members.

Stay tuned!

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