Who are Priority Leaders?

Learn more about the Priority Leaders Group

The Priority Leaders Group was launched in November 2022 to provide extra support to active Forsage users and their teams.

Priority Leaders is a closed community of Forsage leaders who have large partner structures.

Priority Leaders Group is a friendly and comfortable space for personal growth and development.

What is the Purpose of the Priority Leaders Group?

Priority Leaders Group helps leaders to:

  • absorb the expertise of other leaders;

  • get motivated for self-development;

  • improve their management skills;

  • share experience & marketing tools;

  • get one-to-one support;

  • get early access to updates and new products;

  • participate in a unique ambassador program with a reward system;

  • and much more.

What Do Priority Leaders Do

  • Participate in weekly AMA sessions with Forsage co-creators and experts.

  • Attend training sessions.

  • Take part in Forsage development brainstorms.

  • Share their experience and get the secrets of doing business.

Here’s a quick example. A DeFi game MEO WORLD is in development right now, and Priory Leaders will be the first to test it. They will be given access to the Developer diary and will be able to contribute their ideas and suggestions on how to improve the product.

Not an exclusive club for the chosen few, but a co-op for the hard workers

It is important to realize that Priority Leaders is not a hang-out for the elite or a medal that you can just pin to your jacket and walk away. It is just another opportunity for those who are serious about their Forsage business and want to learn how to build it up.

The group is for those who are determined to work hard and share their experience with like minded leaders to jointly make Forsage stronger and contribute to the evolution of the ecosystem.

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