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About MaxQore Program

MaxQore is an advanced program for effective business growth and partner team development with a 860% reward in BNB coin from a single cycle.

5 Facts You Need to Know About MaxQore

  • Level activation and rewards are in BNB (BEP-20).
  • 39 places, 3 lines.
  • +860% reward per cycle.
  • Autorecycle occurs when the last place in each line is occupied.
  • The next-to-last place is stored while waiting for the last place to be filled, and then 3 transactions together make a recycle.
  • Stage-by-Stage launch makes it easier for leaders, teams and newbies to reach their goals.

MaxQore Benefits

- This is the largest Forsage program ever! It is bigger than the legendary xGold by as much as 9 places.
- Smaller gap in the level cost allows to activate more expensive levels using rewards from the previous ones.
- Each level activation transaction is divided into 3 parts of 20%, 30%, and 50%, which generates a minimum of 3 actions and 3 rewards. This creates a strong dynamic, motivating users to go further.
- Just 2 first places taken on any level fully recoup the cost of this level. All further transactions can be considered as net profit.
- There are 3 independent partner lines within each level. The chance to see places in your structure occupied by random users is extremely high.
- A better chance to get spillovers from above and below, especially during mass activity periods.
- A Stage-by-Stage launch provides more opportunities for users to activate levels without rushing and use today’s profit to cover the levels’ cost tomorrow.

Mechanics of MaxQore Cycle

Line 1 is filled in first. Each place brings you a reward of 50% of the level cost. The reward for the last place on the line is stored for a level recycle.
Line 2 is filled in second. Each place brings you a reward of 30% of the level cost. The reward for the last place on the line is stored for a level recycle.
Line 3 is filled in third. Each place brings you a reward of 20% of the level cost. The reward for the last place is summed up with the stored rewards for the last places on lines 1 and 2 and opens a new cycle of the same level for you.

MaxQore Terms

  • Cycle is a level with all 39 places completed.
  • Recycle occurs automatically after each cycle.
  • Upgrade is the activation of a next more expensive level.
  • Level freeze occurs when a level is complete, but the next level is not activated.
  • Overtaking occurs when your downline partner has activated more levels than you.
  • Spillover means that a place in your level is occupied by a partner invited by other members.

Level Cost and Business Model

There are 15 levels in the program with the cost starting from 0.044 BNB. Users should activate new levels to prevent the previous ones from freezing. One cycle yields 860%
Level activation price
0.044 BNB
0.055 BNB
0.088 BNB
0.122 BNB
0.177 BNB
0.26 BNB
0.38 BNB
0.54 BNB
0.78 BNB
1.15 BNB
1.7 BNB
2.4 BNB
3.5 BNB
5.5 BNB
7.5 BNB

How to Join MaxQore

To start working with MaxQore program, you must activate x3 and x4 programs in Forsage BUSD first.
To activate level 1 of MaxQore program, you need 0.044 BNB + some BNB for the transaction fee. Rewards are distributed in BNB coin as well.
Level 1 activation requires no platform fee. Fee for activating levels 2-12 is 0.003 BNB. We collect this fee to cover the costs of maintaining the platform and all the related services, such as 24/7 Support Service, and many more.

Stage-by-Stage Activation

Stage-by-Stage Activation is a process of launching a new marketing program in which access to the levels of the new program is gradual for all participants. This approach to launching a new program is designed to increase partner engagement to activate all, say, 15 levels in bulk, regardless of initial budget.
On day 1, levels 1–5 will be available for activation.
On day 2, levels 1–10 will be available for activation.
On day 3 and onwards, levels 1–15 will be available for activation.

Level Freezing During Stage-by-Stage Launch

As you know, level freeze occurs if you don't activate the next level. On the start day, this rule will not apply to level 5, and on the next day, it will not apply to level 10. As soon as all levels are available for activation, the freeze will work according to the general rules.

Benefits of Stage-by-Stage Launch

Activating 5 levels in one day instead of 15 levels reduces time, blockchain fees and service fees by three times

- Leaders can secure themselves against overtaking and focus on helping the team.
- It's easier for teams to activate all 5 available levels at once, knowing that there is a boundary that doesn't need to be controlled,and nobody will go further.
- It is easier for newbies to navigate when the upline and team have a clear activation plan.

Enhanced opportunities to reach level 15 in 3 days, which means equal conditions for any user

Participants can easily accumulate a budget to activate all 15 levels, since the minimum starting cost is 0.486 BNB (~102 USD) as compared to 24.2 BNB (~5080 USD).
- Reaching level 15 is achievable for any participant because of the standard amount for activation. Even one completed cycle on each level generates a large amount of rewards.

Before you get started…

  • Please keep in mind and inform your partners that MaxQore, just like any other Forsage product, is not an investment project, but a network-type business with a clear economic model that is successfully running for years.
  • It is fair marketing. You work = you earn.
  • All rewards go directly to you and can be tracked on the blockchain. The platform does not store your funds and has no access to them. No need to request a withdrawal and wait.
  • Anyone can start their own business with Forsage. All you need is Internet access.
  • It is up to you to choose whether Forsage is your long-term business or an extra income.