About xQore Program

xQore is a natural evolution of the Forsage platform based on the principles and concepts of development since 2020.

Forsage xQore was designed for better user engagement.

7 Facts You Need to Know About xQore

  • Each level has 12 places in 2 lines.

  • Each occupied place in any line brings you 50% of the level cost.

  • A completed level brings you a reward of 500% of its cost..

  • Both level activation and rewards are in BNB BEP-20.

  • Level 1 activation requires no fee.

  • Fee for activating levels 2-12 is 0.003 BNB

  • Maximum income depends on nothing but your own efforts.

xQore Benefits

  • All you need is one cryptocurrency, namely BNB.

  • Short payback period. Invite 2 new partners to cover 100% the level activation cost.

  • Marketing is simple and easy to understand.

Mechanics of XQore cycle

Internal line is filled in first, external line is filled in second.

Places in the internal and external lines are taken by personal partners invited through a referral link, and/or partners of your team, as well as other participants via spillovers.

The next-to-last place is stored while waiting for the last place to be filled, and then 2 transactions together make a recycle of the level.

As soon as all 12 places are taken, reward for 2 last places is used to automatically start a new cycle of the same level.

xQore Terms

  • Cycle is a level with all 12 places completed.

  • Recycle occurs automatically after each cycle.

  • Upgrade is the activation of a next more expensive level.

  • Level freeze occurs when a level is complete, but the next level is not activated.

  • Gift is a reward from your downline partner who has activated more levels than his upline partner.

  • Spillover means that a place in your level is occupied by a partner invited by other members.

  • Overtaking means that a partner of your downline made an upgrade earlier than them, so he took a place in your cycle.

Level cost and business model

All levels have a low cost, from 0.018 BNB to 0.644 BNB, so 99% of your potential partners can afford them. It makes xQore a powerful marketing tool.

When a partner takes a place in your level, you get a 50% of the cost of the level.

Therefore, as soon as you invite 2 partners, you recoup the level cost. And after partner #3, you start earning.

How to join xQore

To start working with xQore program, you must activate x3 and x4 programs in Forsage BUSD first.

To activate level 1 of xQore program, you need $5 in BNB + some BNB for the in BNBchain network transaction fee. Rewards are distributed in BNB coin as well.

A quick tip: activate your levels in advance, so that your team and personal partners do not overtake you. This happens when they activate levels before you do.

Level 1 activation requires no platform fee. Fee for activating levels 2-12 is 0.003 BNB. We collect this fee to cover the costs of maintaining the platform and all the related services, such as 24/7 Support Service, and many more.

Before you get started…

Please keep in mind and inform your partners that xQore, just like any other Forsage product, is not an investment project, but a network-type business with a clear economic model that is successfully running for 3 years.

It is fair marketing. You work = you earn.

All rewards go directly to you and can be tracked on the blockchain. The platform does not store your funds and has no access to them. No need to request a withdrawal and wait.

Anyone can start their own business with Forsage. All you need is Internet access.

It is up to you to choose whether Forsage is your long-term business or an extra income.

The xQore Marketing in detail


🌐 https://forsage.io/

🌐 https://busd.forsage.io/

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