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Explore Forsage Social

The Forsage social network is up and running! Now everyone in our community can connect with like-minded people, learn about other members' experiences, find new ideas and get inspired.

How to use Forsage Social

Forsage Social is a native Web3 social network. No login and password required — all you need is a Forsage ID.
The platform is working in Beta mode. For now, only members with Gold status (50+ personal partners) can publish posts.
You can learn more about Forsage user statuses here → Who are Priority Leaders?
If publishing is not yet available to you, explore the accounts of those who have already started running them, search for helpful information, and use reactions to support the authors.
And also don’t forget to familiarize yourself with some essential rules that will help keep Social Networking a comfortable hub of meaningful communication and encouragement.

Forsage Social Rules and Policy

  • Write your posts in English, since it is the language of international communication, and in this way your content will be understandable for the widest audience. Use Google Translate as an auxiliary tool.
  • Posts on topics not related to Forsage are not allowed.
  • Spam and advertising of any third-party projects and businesses is not allowed.
  • Do not use obscene, offensive, or explicit language.
  • Do not engage in bullying, harassment, or hate speech against other users.
  • Avoid spreading misinformation or fake news; verify information before sharing it.
  • Be aware of copyright laws and avoid posting material that infringes on the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Avoid posting explicit, violent or offensive content that may be disruptive to the principles of the community.
  • Do not create or share content that promotes discrimination, racism, or any form of prejudice.
  • Be careful when sharing personal information and avoid revealing sensitive details in publicly available posts.
The rules apply to all types of content, both text and images, including user avatars.
Restrictive measures will be imposed if rules are violated.
Head out to explore Forsage Social and discover many useful insights for yourself and your business.

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