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Spillovers, Missed profits, Extra profits and Basic Definitions

Explanations regarding Spillovers, Missed profits, Extra profits (gifts) and a few basic definitions.
When newcomers start exploring Forsage, one of the major tasks and priorities is to get proper knowledge & understand about how the platform works. We are obliged to provide the newcomers with the right information. This in turn, will replicate that the right info is being passed on to their downlines and teams. This article will brief about how spillovers, Missed profits, Extra profits (gifts), freezing works and a few basic definitions. So, let's get started!


Spillovers is a process when spots in your levels are occupied not only by your personally invited partners, but also by partners invited by the other members of your team. Forsage marketing programs allow you to receive spillovers from both your upline and downline partners in x4, xXx and xGold.
  • Personal partner is a person who registered with your personal affiliate link. They take the closest free spot in the level immediately after your position.
  • Spillover from above is a personally invited partner of your upline partner. They take the next free spot in the level of your partner, and accordingly get in your level, too, but on the higher line.
  • Spillover from below is a personally invited partner of your downline.
  • Overtake is a situation when a partner overtakes their upline, and temporarily takes a spot directly below you. If your downline partner has this level activated, in the next cycle this partner will take a place under their direct upline partner.
    You can overtake your upline partner, acquiring levels which they have not yet activated. In this case, your reward goes to their closest upline partner, who has such a level activated, and the income goes to them(Overtaking explained later). Referral linking allows you to return everyone to their places. This means that when your upline activates the required level, in the next cycle you will take the spot under them again. Thus, the consolidation of personally invited partners is preserved forever.
It is to be noted that, spillovers are not guaranteed, as Forsage does not control the payment flows neither its participants. They totally depend on how your team/upline works and your placement in upline matrix.

Missed profits

Missed or Lost profits are cases when you miss rewards for partners, and they are redirected to an upline partner. Lost profits can occur for two reasons: 1. Overtaking, 2. Freezing.


Overtaking occurs when, you have not activated the level that your downline partner has activated. It is represented by this icon:
This reward goes to the closest upline partner who activated this level. As a result, you lose this profit and this profit does not get credited to your wallet. This implies that, you need to upgrade your level, as soon as possible, to avoid other downline partners overtaking you, in the same levels.
An overtaking stat will be displayed as like this in your matrix. (Click to expand)
After you activate the level, your partner will come back in his next cycle, to give you rewards. It is advised to be one level ahead of your partners, in order to prevent overtaking. Effective communication and teamwork can help as well, to work and progress together.


Level freeze occurs if your level is completely filled, the partners have taken all the spots in the level and the 1st cycle has been completed, but the next level is not activated (lack of upgrade). It is represented by this icon:
When “frozen”, the level remains inactive. Partners continue to occupy spots in your level, but you miss out on profits from this level, until the next level is activated. Exceptions include the last levels in Forsage programs (12th in x3,x4,xXx or 15th in xGold).
A frozen level looks like this (4th level). (Click to expand).
You can unfreeze your frozen level, by upgrading to the next level, using the "ACTIVATE" icon on your level. After you activate the level, your partner will come back in his next cycle, to give you rewards.

Extra Profits (Gifts)

Extra profits or Gifts, is a reward that comes to you, as a gift from below, because one or more of the downline partners have lost their profits. It is represented by this icon:
Thus, you can gain extra profits from the depth of your structure when your downline is overtaken, and you are the first in your structure who has this level activated. Therefore, activation of higher levels allows you to receive such rewards for overtaking from downline partners.
A gift stat will be displayed as like this in your matrix. (Click to expand).
The gift occurs as a result that someone of your downline or your team missed a profit and is not something, that is periodic.

Basic Definitions

  • UPLINE PARTNER - a partner under whose referral link you registered.
  • DOWNLINE PARTNER - a partner who registered using your referral link.
  • UPGRADE - activation of the next more expensive level.
  • CYCLE - filling all places at the level and automatic reopening of the current level.
  • LOST PROFITS - a payment that was redirected to an upline partner due to overtake or lack of upgrade.
  • EXTRA PROFITS - the payment that comes to you due to the lost profit of the downline partner.
  • SPILLOVER FROM ABOVE - the partner of your upline partner who took a place in your level.
  • SPILLOVER FROM BELOW - the partner of your downline partner who took a place in your level.
  • OVERTAKE - activation by the downline partner of the more expensive level you don't have yet.