ZebPay Exchange

ZebPay is a crypto-assets exchange with an established presence in India, Australia, and Singapore. The choice of millions of traders, ZebPay offers its services across a wide range of devices, including mobile apps for those who are always on the go and a seamless web interface for users who prefer desktops.

Download and install the ZebPay Exchange. (Download)

The entire process involves 6 steps:

I. Account Registration

  • Open the ZebPay application after successful installation.

  • Click on the Let’s go option at the top right corner.

  • Choose the country code.

  • Enter a valid phone number.

  • Enter the first name and last name.

  • Enter a valid email address.

  • You can enter a promotional/referral code if any.

  • Create a 4-digit PIN.

  • Confirm the PIN Code.


Do not share the 4-digit PIN code under any circumstances. The code is exclusive only to you. The code never gets stored by ZebPay or anyone else.

  • Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of ZebPay by putting a check in the checkbox.

Solve the human verification captcha if asked.

  • Click Continue.

  • You will receive a verification code to your registered mobile number and email address. Enter the code in the respective fields and click Continue.

Your mobile number and email address are verified.

  • You will get redirected to the login portal. Enter the registered mobile number.

  • Accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of ZebPay by putting a check in the checkbox.

  • Click Proceed Securely.

  • Enter the OTP sent to your mobile number.

  • Tap Verify.

  • Now enter your 4-digit PIN code to log into your account.

You have successfully registered your account.

II. Identity Verification (KYC)

  • Once you have logged in to your account, click on the three horizontal lines on the top left of the screen.

  • Go to the Verify Identity (KYC) section to proceed with the verification process.

The KYC verification process gets completed in three steps:

A] Document Proof -

  • Upload a clear image of your PAN Card.

  • You can choose to click a picture using the camera or upload an existing image from your gallery.

  • Once the upload is successful, click Continue.

You will get redirected to the next section - Address Proof

B] Address Proof -

  • Upload a clear image of any one of the documents mentioned below:

    1. Aadhaar Card

    2. Driving Licence

    3. Passport Utility Bill (within the last three months)

You can upload any one of these documents as address proof.

  • Once the upload is successful, click Continue.

You will get redirected to the next section - Declaration

C] Declaration -

  • Here you need to choose the source of funds and occupation.

  • Once you enter the choices, click Continue.

Your KYC documents will get verified, and you will receive a successful verification notification.

III. Bank Verification

It is mandatory to complete the Bank Verification process to make fiat deposits and withdrawals.

  • Click on the three horizontal lines on the top left of the screen and go to Bank & UPI.

  • Enter the following details:

    1. Account Holder’s Name

    2. Full Bank Name

    3. Account Number (confirm the account number)

    4. IFSC Code

  • You need to upload the proof of your bank account ownership displaying the above-mentioned information.

  • You can upload any one of the following documents:

    1. Canceled Cheque

    2. Bank Statement

    3. First Page of Passbook


  • The name and date of birth on the ID and address proof should match.

  • You can create an account in ZebPay only if your age is 18 years and above.

  • The name on your ID proof (pan card) should match with the bank account you wish to register with ZebPay.

  • Please ensure to update the information accurately and upload clear documents for quick verifications.

  • Click on Save bank details.

Your Bank Documents will get verified within 7 business days.

IV. Depositing Funds (INR)

You can deposit INR rupees into your ZebPay Account using the Instant Deposit option via NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS.


  • You can only make deposits through the banking application associated with the registered bank account in ZebPay.

  • You cannot use UPI to make a deposit. UPI deposits will fail and will get refunded within three weeks. ZebPay will not be responsible for the loss of funds sent via UPI.

  • In your ZebPay application, go to the Portfolio section.

  • Tap on the Deposit option and choose Instant Deposit.

  • In the next interface, a unique beneficiary account will be displayed exclusively for your deposits.

  • Use the banking application to make a deposit into the beneficiary account.


  • IMPS deposits get credited within 5 minutes, and NEFT and RTGS deposits are as per regular banking norms.

  • Do not deposit via UPI. These transactions will fail, and funds might get lost.

  • Deposits made into incorrect beneficiary accounts will be treated as third-party transfers and get refunded with a Rs 500 penalty deducted.

  • The beneficiary account displayed in your application is unique only to you and is not to be shared with anyone else.

V. Purchasing BNB/BUSD

In ZebPay, BNB is referred to as Binance Coin, and BUSD is referred to as Binance USD.

  • In your application, go to the Exchange section.

  • Search for BNB or BUSD using the search bar provided on the top and choose the coin.

  • In the Buy section, enter the amount of INR you want to spend to purchase BNB or BUSD.

  • Keep the price limit exactly the same as the market price.

  • Click on the Buy option.

  • Click confirm trade and enter the PIN code if asked.

Your trade will be executed, and the corresponding amount in BNB or BUSD will be credited into your ZebPay account.

VI. Withdrawing BNB/BUSD to Personal Wallet

  • In your ZebPay application, go to the Exchange section.

  • Select BNB/BUSD from the list.

  • Click on the Send option.

  • Tap + Add new address.


You can send BUSD only to a BSC (BEP-20) network address as ZebPay only supports the purchase of BUSD over the BEP-20 network. Sending BUSD to a wallet address with a different network can result in a loss of funds.


ZebPay only supports BNB in BEP-2 format. If you are purchasing BNB from ZebPay, make sure you withdraw it to a BNB (BEP-2) wallet address and not BSC (BEP-20) wallet address. You can later swap the BNB inside the wallet application.

  • Enter the following details:

    1. Address Label or Nickname

    2. Recipient Address

    3. Beneficiary’s Full Name

    4. Beneficiary’s Platform


  • Now enter the Quantity you want to transfer or tap on Send All if you wish to transfer all the crypto.

  • Tap on the send icon to initiate your transaction.

  • Enter the 4-digit PIN or use the fingerprint/FaceID, and enter the OTP to confirm the transaction.

The transaction will be processed shortly and you will receive a success notification.

Congratulations! Your wallet address has been funded successfully.

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