Forsage Programs Breakdown

Tips on choosing a Forsage program that will work best for you

When newcomers start exploring Forsage, one of the first questions they ask is which Forsage program is the best for starting with.

Here’s a guide for choosing a program that will work best for your online business.

⚡️ Forsage x3

  • Levels: 12

  • Lines: 1

  • Spots: 3

Yield per cycle: 200%


All partners in your Forsage X3 program levels are the people whom you’ve personally invited. When partners register in the program using your referral link, they take spots below you.


Distribution of rewards when filling each spot in a level of the program is as follows:

  1. The first partner you invite is placed on the first spot below you. Reward of 100% goes to your personal wallet.

  2. The second partner is placed on the second spot below you. You also get 100% reward to your personal wallet.

  3. The third partner is placed on the third spot below you and completes the cycle.

100% of the income goes to your upline 100% partner’s wallet, and a new cycle immediately begins for you, and you can fill up the spots again by inviting new partners.

Likewise with your partners. Each time your partner completes the cycle of his level, you receive a payment to the wallet in 100% of the level cost, and the partner opens the new cycle again.

At the same time, this partner takes a new place under you. Thus, the same partner can occupy several places in a row in your levels.


  • A simple basic program, perfect for newbies.

  • You can easily predict your profit based on how many partners you’re planning to invite.

  • It all depends on you, so if you prefer to operate alone, this is your program.

  • Quick cycles.

  • Your time and efforts are limited, therefore your profit is limited, too.

Start Forsage x3, if you…

  • Are a newbie.

  • Like to act alone.

  • Look for a full-fledged online business.

⚡️ Forsage x4

  • Levels: 12

  • Lines: 2

  • Spots: 6

  • Line 1 – 2 spots

  • Line 2 – 4 spots

Yield per cycle: 300%


In Forsage x4 program you can invite personal partners, as well as receive spillovers from above and below.

The partners who occupy two spots below you in the first line are also in the second line of your upline’s level.


Reward of 100% goes to upline’s wallet.

By the same principle, you receive income 100% not from the first, but from the second line.

Rewards from partners who occupy these spots instantly go to your wallet in the amount of 100%.

As soon as a partner completes the cycle of the level, the reward of 100% goes to your upline, and the new cycle begins for you.

When a partner on the 2nd line joins your upline, they take a place in your 1st line — that is, you receive a spillover from above.

Similarly, a spillover can come from below. When a partner comes to your downline on the 1st line, then they will take a place on your 2nd line.

Thus, places in the x4 levels can be occupied by people invited only by you, or there can be none invited by you, or mixed.

Do not forget to activate the next level after the 1st cycle so as not to miss payments on the previous level.


  • With x4, you can benefit both from inviting people, as well as from teamwork.

  • Here your possible income is larger than with x3, but smaller than with the more advanced programs like xXx or xGold.

  • There is a chance of getting a spillover, but do not rely on spillovers as the only source of profit. Consider it to be a nice surprise.

Start Forsage x4, if you…

  • Already mastered x3.

  • Want to explore the opportunities of building your team.

  • Want to test your knowledge and skills before starting xXx or xGold.

⚡️ Forsage xXx

  • Levels: 12

  • Lines: 3

  • Spots: 14

  • Line 1 – 2 spots (to the upline partner)

  • Line 2 – 4 spots (30%)

  • Line 3 – 8 spots (70%)

Yield per cycle: 580%


With Forsage xXx, you receive rewards not only from your personal partners, but also from all structures up to 3 lines downwards.


  1. First line (2 places): rewards go to your upline partners.

  2. Second line (4 places): you get 30% of the level cost from each of the four partners, and 70% goes to the upline, since for him they are partners of the 4th line.

  3. Third line (8 places): you get 70% from each, 30% goes to the upline.

    xXx cycle: The final reward from the 2nd line (30%) and the final reward from the 3rd line (70%) are summed up and distributed to the upline partners, and a new cycle opens for you.


  • Best for progressive profits from personal partners and their affiliate structures.

  • Requires strong networking skills.

  • Was designed for active users who devote themselves to recruiting new members.

  • Allows to create a robust online business.

Start Forsage xXx, if you…

  • Look for a full-fledged online business, not just a side profit.

  • Can devote several hours a day to expanding your team and promoting Forsage.

  • Are ready to take care of the newbies on your team and onboard them via Zoom calls and direct messaging.

Forsage xGold

  • Levels: 15

  • Lines: 4

  • Spots: 30

  • Line 1 – 2 spots (to the upline partner)

  • Line 2 – 4 spots (20%)

  • Line 3 – 8 spots (30%)

  • Line 4 – 16 spots (50%)

Yield per cycle: 1020%


xGold is currently the №1 Forsage program in terms of the size of your team, as well as your potential yield.

Here you receive profit from up to 4 lines below you.


  1. First line (2 places): rewards go to your upline partner.

  2. Second line (4 places): you get 20% from each spot.

  3. Third line (8 places): you get 30% from each spot.

  4. Fourth line (16 places): you get 50% from each participant (30% and 20% are distributed to upline partners).

xGold cycle: The last 2 spots from the 4th line (50% + 50%) are summed up and 100% is distributed to upline partners, and a new cycle of the level begins automatically.


  • Larger number of partners and spillover opportunities, which generates an income of 1020% from one cycle of the level.

  • Team-oriented program.

  • Best for people who enjoy interacting and promoting Forsage both online and offline.

  • If you manage to educate good downline partners who continue inviting, you are likely to receive passive income — but only as long as they keep inviting.

  • Your structure keeps bringing you profit even when you take a break.

Start xGold, if you…

  • Have mastered all the other Forsage programs.

  • Have a clear idea of how Forsage works.

  • Plan to build your online business and are ready to work hard.

  • Enjoy being around people.

  • Are ready to work several hours a day inviting and onboarding people.

  • Are familiar with social media, Zoom, Telegram, Skype, Google, and other resources and apps for communicating online.

Forsage xQore

  • Levels: 15

  • Lines: 2

  • Spots: 12

  • Line 1 – 3 spots (50% to you, 50% to the upline partner)

  • Line 2 – 9 spots (50% to you, 50% to the downline partner)

Yield per cycle: 500%


Places in the internal and external lines are taken by personal partners invited through a referral link, and/or partners of your team, as well as other participants via spillovers.

Order of filling in the lines: Internal line is filled in first, external line is filled in second.


Each occupied place in any line brings you 50% of the level cost, which gives you a total of 500% reward per cycle.

As soon as all 12 places are taken, an automatic recycle occurs. This level is reactivated, and you automatically start it again.

xQore cycle: The next-to-last place is stored while waiting for the last place to be filled, and then 2 transactions together make a recycle. Reward for 2 last places is used to start a new cycle of the same level.


  • Level activation and rewards are in BNB (BEP-20), which facilitates engaging and onboarding newcomers.

  • All levels have a low cost, so 99% of your potential partners can afford them. It makes xQore a powerful marketing tool.

  • When a partner takes a place in your level, you get a direct reward of 50% of the cost of the level.

  • With xQore, you can make the best out of working with a close-knit team of devoted and motivated partners.

  • Fixed reward of 50% makes it easier to estimate profit.

Start Forsage xQore, if you...

  • Have already activated Forsage x3 and x4.

  • Have a clear idea of how Forsage works and plan to build your online business.

  • Are looking for a handy and powerful tool to entice new participants.

  • Seek an interim step between basic x3 and x4 programs and more advanced xXx and xGold programs.

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