Celebrate Forsage Birthday and win prizes

Early February 2023 will mark three years since the launch of the Forsage platform. In honor of this truly significant event, Forsage is announcing an Offline Event Marathon.

Each participant will have the opportunity to tell about their event, get help with organizing and running it, and win a prize from Forsage.

How to participate?

You need to fill in an application form with your name, country, city, your Forsage ID, email, how many partners will exactly attend your future event, date, time and location. You will also need to attach a personal invitation in your native language in PDF format.

Where will the event announcement be displayed?

A special "3 Years of Forsage" event box on forsage.io will display your event among other Forsage participants' events from around the world.

How to organize an offline event?

We've put together an article with helpful tips to guide you through organizing your event. You'll also find tips on how to prepare promotional materials, and even some script options.

How will Forsage support my event?

Every day thousands of visitors will see your event announcement on the forsage.io page. Forsage will also provide you with:

  • PDF document template for your personal invitation

  • Ready-made customizable templates for prints, banners, t-shirts and flags

  • Photos and videos from your event will be professionally framed and shown to the entire Forsage community.

  • Based on the results of your event, you and your team will be eligible for valuable prizes and awards.

How do I record the results of my event?

We've got all the secrets and helpful tips for capturing photos and videos for you.

Follow our tips to make a "business card" of your online business in video format at the end of your meeting.

It will bring you new partners and become a pass to the event competition. Learn more here

pageHow to organize an offline event?

What awards and prizes can I get from Forsage?

Top 7 team events will receive awards in BUSD

1) 3000 BUSD

2) 1500 BUSD

3) 1000 BUSD

4) 800 BUSD

5) 700 BUSD

6) 600 BUSD

7) 500 BUSD

The reward will be credited to the personal wallet of the organizer who created the application. We recommend you to use the prize to cover the costs of organizing the event and create a budget for the team marketing campaign.

All participants will receive special achievement badges in their personal Forsage BUSD accounts.


  • February 1 - Release of the NFT Collection to honor Forsage's Birthday

  • February 2 - First day of offline events

  • February 3 - Second day of offline events

  • February 4 - Third day of offline events

  • February 5 - Fourth day of offline events

  • February 9 - Wrap-up and media results collection

  • February 10 - Awarding of the most active players, prize crediting

Let's celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Forsage and use this occasion to boost your online business!

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