MetaMask Desktop Setup

Forsage BUSD registration

Download Metamask Extension

  • Click on “Download for Chrome (chrome icon shown)” here:

  • You will be directed to a new page to download the Metamask extension for your desktop.

  • Click on “Add to Chrome” icon now.

  • You will be asked for permission to download the extension, where you need to confirm the action by clicking on “Add extension” icon here:

  • Let the download of the extension be completed. It might take a few minutes.

Done! You have successfully added the Metamask extension on your desktop.

Install and Setup

  • Open Metamask extension and click “Get Started”.

  • Click on "Create Wallet" icon and proceed

  • Read all the statements displayed and click “I Agree”.

  • Create a new wallet password (8 characters minimum), then confirm it.

  • Click on checkbox “I have read and agree to the Terms of Use and click “Create”.

Password is your way to confirm all transactions from current wallet address.

Do not loose it! The only way to reset it will be application reinstallation and wallet recovery with Secret Recovery Phrase

  • On next page read warnings about your Secret Recovery Phrase safety and click "Next".

  • Blockchain will generate unique Secret Recovery Phrase for your wallet address

  • Click on “CLICK HERE TO REVEAL SECRET WORDS” and write them down in same order. Revisit here for a quick review on how to secure your seed.

Secret Recovery Phrase is generated only once - during your wallet address creation process.

Secret Recovery Phrase is the only way to keep safe and recover your wallet any time.

Never share Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone under any circumstances - this will give lifetime access to your wallet for that person.

  • Click "Next" and repeat words sequence in proper order

  • click “All Done” to complete wallet setup

You have successfully completed the installation process for your Metamask extension. Next step is changing default network of Ethereum to Smart Chain

Network Setup

  • Open extension and click on “Ethereum Mainnet”.

  • Click “Add Network”.

  • Fill in the data as follows: Network name: Smart Chain


Chain ID: 56

Symbol: BNB Block Explorer URL:

  • Click "Save" icon

You have successfully configured Smart Chain network in Metamask extension.

Yet, the display of BUSD token is not available. So let us proceed with the adding of BUSD token in the list.

Adding BUSD token

  • Click on “Import tokens” icon on the homepage of your extension.

  • Copy address of BUSD token smart contract in Binance Smart Chain: 0xe9e7cea3dedca5984780bafc599bd69add087d56

  • After entering the contract address of BUSD token, the other details will be automatically filled and it will look like this:

  • Click “Add Custom Token” and proceed

  • Click on “Import tokens” to complete BUSD token adding

Done! You have successfully completed the setup of your Metamask extension on your desktop.

How to copy your wallet address

  • In your Metamask extension click on copy icon under wallet name

  • Your wallet address will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

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