Notify Bot V2

Updated I Version 2 I June 2023

Forsage BUSD Notify Bot V1 Forsage BUSD Notify Bot V2

A lot of different functions in one place:

  • Handy and useful tool

  • Quick notifications

  • New partners notification

  • Freezing and overtaking alert

  • Convenient notification settings

Go, click 'START' and share the link with your team!

What is Forsage BUSD Notify Bot V2

Forsage BUSD Notify Bot V2 is a Telegram bot that can help you track all the activity on your Forsage ID and notify you via messages on Telegram.

Forsage BUSD Notify Bot V2 is a very convenient analytical tool that you can start using in a few clicks, just specify your FOSRAGE ID.

So, how do I start interacting with the bot?

How to start using Bot

Step #1 - Run the bot

The link here:

  • Open the Telegram app and launch the Telegram bot

  • Then you need to set up the bot - Click 'Start'.

Step #2 - Start setting

  • Select the language thee bot interface (left screenshot)

At the moment the bot supports 3 languages: English (EN), German (DE) and Russian (RU).

  • Click '@fordsageio_official' (right screenshot)

  • Then click 'Join' (left screenshot)

  • Back to the bot

Click 'Back' in the upper left corner of the screen (right screenshot)

  • Click 'I subscribed' (left screenshot)

Move on....

  • In the text box enter your Forsage ID or your wallet address, then send it to the bot (right screenshot)

  • Enter your Forsage ID

This example shows entering ID 1. You will need to enter your personal Forsage ID.

The bot is ready to work!

You have set up to receive notifications for your Forsage ID. Now use all the features of Forsage, build your team and get notifications from the Forsage BUSD Notify Bot!

These articles will help you with that:

In this post you will find more information about Forsage ID:

If you have no a Forsage ID, this article will help you register on the Forsage platform and get your ID:

Step #3 - Additional settings

In the updated version of the bot, you can set up specific notifications for a specific ID

How to do it

  • Click 'Accounts'

  • Select ID

  • Click 'Exclude event type' (left screenshot)

Then you will see a list of 12 items that the bot will consider when sending notifications (right screenshot).

✅ Activated item - The bot will send you a notification

☑️ Not activated - The bot will NOT send you notification

Personalize your events by selecting only the ones you want!

What Bot Notifications Look Like

Each notice contains the following information:

  • Type of event and reward

  • Name of the Forsage program

  • A level of a program

  • ID of the partner who invited the participant to the structure

  • A link to confirmed transaction from smart contracts Forsage BUS

So, Forsage BUSD Notify Bot V2 is a simple and convenient tool that allows you to track all the information about your ID and results of you and your team.

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