Forsage Football Tournament

At the end of October, Mr Oliur Rahman and Team Ex3 from the Forsage Community in Bangladesh are organizing a Football Tournament in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

All local Forsage users are welcomed, as well as their friends and families. Fans will also enjoy an entertainment program with games and activities that will satisfy all tastes.

Such an event will definitely not go unnoticed and will attract people's attention to Forsage and the values we promote: a positive attitude to life, peer support, and contributing to society.

Up to 3,000 people are expected to participate, most of whom are active youth who are currently studying and looking for a future job.

The event will receive wide media support in mass media and social networks, which will help to attract extra attention from the audience.

The winners of the tournament will be awarded with monetary prizes.

The event will be held at Ruhul-Amin Stadium at Cox's Bazar in Dhaka.

So far, 6 teams have signed up for the tournament:

  • Ex3 Official

  • 7x Official

  • Team 111

  • 7x Avengers

  • Team MaxQore

  • Team C7

There has already been a draw to select the teams that will compete in the matches. There will be 3 matches on the first day and 2 matches on the second day.

Tournament Rules

In the first three play-off matches the teams will earn points:

  • 1 goal = 1 point

  • 1 missed goal = minus 1 point

Thus, if Team 1 plays 3:1 against Team 2, the first team gets 2 points, and the second team gets minus 2 points.

At the end of the three games on the first day, a table with the points of each team will appear.

Those who have more points will be higher in the table. After that, it will be possible to determine who will play on the 2nd day of the Tournament. Two teams that scored less points will drop out of the competition.

3rd place playoff

The teams that are ranked 3rd and 4th in the Table are playing for the third place in Tournament.


The two teams that previously ranked 1st and 2nd in the Table are playing. In this last game of the Tournament the final winner will be determined.

We will be providing media support and coverage of the event across all official Forsage accounts. Follow the updates and get inspired to organize a similar event in your city!

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