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Detailed guide for your account creation from desktop

Our team strongly advice to spend some time and get knowledge about concept and marketing rules before you perform registration of your account. This will prevent frequent cases of misguidance, will save your money and will arm you with basic knowledge to make successful team right from the start!

Use this link to read What is forsage?

To prepare your registration procedure first you need to setup and download Metamask extension which can operate with our site and smart contract with no issues

You can download Metamask from this link

Basic ID registration

  • Go to the website or use referal link then click "Connect now"

  • In the window that appears, select the Metamask wallet

  • Click on "Join Forsage" button

On the top right corner you will the Metamask extension make sure that your wallet is connected. This means site is connected to your wallet.

  • Click "Approve" button and click "Confirm" on the next step

  • Check your Upline ID in the box, make sure that number is correct

Be aware: you can edit Upline ID only on this step!

In case of mistake you won't be able to change your Upline later on, unless by registering different ID with new crypto address in your wallet application.

If you register without a referral link, then leave the field empty.

"Approve" must be done only in case if you registering with BUSD crypto.

If you make registration completely with BNB then algorithm will skip this step.

"Approve" transaction allows your crypto address to operate with Forsage smart contract if you registering with BUSD.

  • After Approve is done click on "Registration" button and confirm transaction in your Metamask extension.

You can also activate all programs starting from xXx before you log in to your account.

  • After some seconds of waiting site will confirm that your account is created and you can "Log in to your account" by clicking corresponding button

  • Congratulations! You have successfully registered.

How does Forsage work?

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