How to organize an offline event?

Offline events are a great way to solidify ties within the team and draw the attention of the local community.

On top of that, this year's event organizers can win up to 3,000 BUSD from Forsage.

In this article, we'll tell you how to organize an event and get the most out of it for your online business.

After reading it, you'll know everything you need to organize a great event, even if you've never done it before.

Offline event will help you to…

  • Introduce yourself to the local community.

  • Get to know your team members in person or strengthen bonds between them.

  • Boost the loyalty of potential participants and convince them to join.

  • Plan the work of the team for the next period and assign tasks.

  • Motivate participants to actively engage new partners.

  • Make photo and video content for social networks, websites, YouTube.

To create your event you need:

1. Visit

2. Log in to your account

3. Go to the "Offline Event" tab

4. Fill out an application and wait for moderation

Who can organize the event

If you are a Forsage participant and you have at least 5 partners, you can already gather them offline for a small event. Even with limited resources, you can achieve your goals and have a good time.

However, of course, the more participants you can attract and the more effort you put into preparation, the bigger the event will be. It doesn't matter how many participants you have.

The main thing is to have a good time and fill up with positive energy for a year to come! Go for it, you'll make it!

At this stage you determine what kind of event you are holding.

  1. Small - 5-10 people.

  2. Medium - 10-50 people.

  3. Large 50-200 people.

  4. Epic - 200+ people.

How to organize and hold the event

Decide on the scale and number of participants. Make a list of who you would like to invite.

This could be:

  • Your current Forsage partners.

  • Those who have a Forsage account and whom you can contact.

  • Your potential partners — friends, colleagues, neighbors, social media followers.

  • Audience of online communities, forums, chats, who are interested in new technologies, cryptocurrency, business and making money online.

Invite them (we'll tell you how to do it further on) and make a list of those who will definitely come or will do their best to come.

  1. If you get up to 30 people, you can organize the event yourself.

  2. If there are more, you will need helpers at the rate of one person per 20-30 participants.

How to send invitations

A lot of attention should be paid to this, in order to attract as many participants as possible. We have templates for invitations that you can use. Just add your information, and you're all set.

It's best to use the native language for all guests — or the one most appropriate and understandable for the majority of attendees.

Invitations can be printed and handed out in person, or mailed. You can also send them by email or by direct message. They can be placed in social networks, forums, chat rooms, i.e. wherever your potential participants can be.

Download it here:

If you have the resources, print posters and post them around your community. If you can, make billboards and order TV and radio ads.

Write a script

Your event needs a detailed script so participants don't sit in silence and get bored. We recommend this sequence.

Participants introduce themselves and talk briefly about who they are. If you have more than 30 participants, you can give the floor to those who are most active in Forsage.

You share the results of the team over the past year (or since the last common meeting). You can reward the most active members of the team, tell about their results individually, award prizes or diplomas. Here you should also talk about the results and achievements of the whole community.

Tell about the plans for this year and schedule collaboration projects together. For example, to create your own website, start advertising in social networks or search engines, make integrations with bloggers. If you are not yet using a custom link, talk about its benefits.

Set goals — how many partners you need to attract this month, next month, and so on, as well as for the year.

Then set a goal for each member for the month, for example, to attract at least 3 partners personally. This is especially important because you need to keep the team active. People need to be engaged every day, otherwise they cool down quickly, and it's hard to get them fired up again.

There are teams that have made millions, but then faded out and now can't get their momentum going again in any way. If you do not want to repeat their story, give as much attention to this part of the program as possible.

But don't turn the event into a debriefing and a staff meeting. You can discuss the details later, but for now it is important to create a festive atmosphere and motivate the team to reach new heights. Show your guests the team spirit and get them excited about your idea, so they'll want to be a part of Forsage.

Record video footage and take photos together. These will be the basis for your posts, videos, and other promotional activities for months to come. People's faces always add credibility, so don't pass up this opportunity to shoot lots of quality content while everyone is on board.

We have a separate guide on how to capture the event, you can read it here →

In the finale, you need to set time for networking. You can organize a photo zone and invite all participants to take pictures and then post on social networks. Be sure to take a group photo. If that is appropriate, you can finish with a small treat.

Find and decorate a venue

If there are up to 10 of you, a small office or even a room in the house is fine. If there are more participants, it's a good idea to look for an event space to rent. You can also find something suitable for free from friends or relatives or use public spaces with free access.

It's important to decorate the room to create the necessary vibe right away. For a budget option, printed pages with Forsage and your team name on them will work. If you can afford it, you can order banners, billboards, posters, racks, and other formats.

Prepare promotional materials

You can pre-order items with the Forsage logo — flags and banners, T-shirts, badges, stickers, notepads, pens — if there is a service of commercial printing on various items in your town. In the Promo section you will find templates that you can download and customize if you wish.

Download it here:

Apply for the Event Contest.

You can win up to 3000 BUSD which you can use for covering the costs of the event and further marketing activities. To do this, you have to submit an application using the link:

Participation in the contest is free!

Remember: even the most low-key event you've held is better than the large-scale event you've dreamed of, but never actually held.

Be daring, put all your efforts and energy into the preparation, involve all existing partners, and together you will definitely be able to make a powerful statement about yourself and Forsage!

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