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Forsage Achievements

It's twice as satisfying to work hard in Forsage and reach your goals when your achievements are recognized by the community. We are introducing Forsage Achievements — new badges that will be awarded to users for their performance in Forsage.
Each Achievement has several ranks, so even beginners will soon see their badges if they put enough effort into it. Achievements are awarded when the conditions for each rank are met. You need to claim them, so that they would be visible to everyone.
Setting goals for yourself and your team is now easier and more exciting. When there is a specific measurable point, you work harder to reach it.
Our first batch of Forsage Achievements includes 6 categories:
  • Personal Partners
  • Team size
  • Speaker
  • BUSD Profit
  • BNB Profit
  • Best Ambassador of the Month

Personal Partners

This Achievement is awarded according to the number of personal partners.
3 partners — Newbie
5 partners — Experienced
10 partners — Skilled
50 partners — Expert
100 partners — Master

Team size

This Achievement is awarded according to the number of people in your team. This includes both personal partners and those who were invited by personal partners.
100 — Junior
500 — Businessman
1,000 — Leader
10,000 — Big Boss
25,000 — Legend


This Achievement is awarded to users who have participated in a Forsage webinar or AMA-session as a speaker.

BUSD Profit

This Achievement is awarded according to your total profit in BUSD in all the programs.
100 BUSD — BUSD Wood
1,000 BUSD — BUSD Steel
10,000 BUSD — BUSD Silver
50,000 BUSD — BUSD Gold
100,000 BUSD — BUSD Sapphire

BNB Profit

This Achievement is awarded according to your total profit in BNB in all the programs.
0.4 BNB — BNB Wood
2 BNB — BNB Steel
10 BNB — BNB Silver
50 BNB — BNB Gold
100 BNB — BNB Sapphire

Best Ambassador of the Month

This Achievement is awarded every month to a user who has scored the most points in the Ambassador Program in this month.

How to Claim Your Achievements

To get an Achievement, you need to log in to your Forsage account and open the Achievements section of your dashboard. The Achievement Log will appear, and you will see the badges that are already available to you. You must claim them, and once you do, they will appear in your account and will be visible to all users.
Achievements in Forsage are unique rewards that can be earned by each user as a result of their efforts and accomplishments.
Achievements highlight the merits of the platform users. Some Achievements will only be awarded to a dozen people, since they are quite rare.
Motivation to obtain an Achievement will make it easier and more fun for newcomers to take their first steps in Forsage. As for the leaders, Achievements will allow them to show everyone who's the Boss!
More Achievements are coming soon! In the meantime, keep up the good work to brighten up your profile with new badges.