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💎What is Forsage?

Forsage is a No.1 smart contract for starting and developing a blockchain-powered online business. Forsage operates as a decentralized platform that connects people from all over the world and provides unlimited opportunities for a brand new economics since 2020.

The Forsage Community is 2,000,000+ people from 200+ countries around the globe. Their total turnover exceeded 1,000,000,000 US dollars!

Watch the video to meet some of the Forsage community members and catch our vibe ⤵️

💡 What makes Forsage stand out

100% Decentralized

Forsage has no owners or management. It has been deployed as a smart contract and from that moment runs independently. No one can tamper with it, even the founders and developers, since smart contracts are irreversible by nature.

The Forsage smart contract regulates the interactions between the users according to the marketing programs.

All users are equal, and everyone has the same opportunities to create and develop their online business.

There is no CEO or owner who can change the rules and terms of Forsage ecosystem. The founders are ordinary users who follow the same rules and mechanics as everyone else in the community.

• Solid Foundation

• Low Risk

All transactions are executed peer-to-peer, from one personal wallet to another. The platform itself does not store any funds. There is no need to ‘withdraw’, since there’s nothing to withdraw. The funds are already on the users’ wallets.

Forsage has no access to the funds, and nothing can affect the crypto economics of the smart contract.

Even if the website crashes or becomes blocked, it won’t stop Forsage from operating. The website is merely an interface that facilitates the interaction between users. All the transactions are made in the blockchain, and they can never be compromised or canceled.

It makes Forsage absolutely resistant to any interference from third parties, be it malefactors, authorities, or even the founders.


So far Forsage operates on 3 blockchains:

  • Binance Smart Chain (BUSD)

  • Tron Network (TRX)

  • Ethereum (ETH)

Originally Forsage was implemented on the Ethereum blockchain. Later the platform expanded on the second blockchain, Tron, with its speedy transactions and negligible fees.

Finally, Forsage achieved its peak performance with BUSD stablecoin on the Binance Smart Chain network.

The basic principles of interaction between users, as well as the cryptoeconomics in all Forsage blockchains are similar. However, Forsage BUSD allows users to earn a stable income in BUSD stablecoin that is pegged to US dollar, therefore it is not subject to market fluctuations.

Everyone has equal rights

Every Forsage participant is considered equal, and there is no segregation into admins, founders, and others. On top of that, the execution of cryptomarketing in blockchain does not depend on banks, payment services, and other third parties.

Forsage founders are treated like ordinary participants. They have their own accounts and earn by developing their affiliate structures, just like everyone else


All the transactions in blockchain are open for everyone willing to check them. You can always see them in a block observer that works with one of 3 blockchains.

Therefore, you can always track the incoming and outcoming transactions, both yours and made by any other Forsage user.

The smart contract is also open for examination, and you can always check its mechanics, or ask someone you trust to do it for you.

The most up-to-date Technology

Forsage implies the most cutting-edge technology available at the moment to ensure that users get the best experience when building their online business.

Forsage leaves behind any other ways of doing business, both online and offline, since it eliminates any counterparties and other limits. Web3 technology allows to connect the users with the Public wallet key only, without the need to disclose any sensitive data.

Forsage does not require authorization with users’ names, phone numbers, ID, or other private information. Forsage users can remain completely anonymous and do not undergo the KYC procedure.


The whole idea behind Forsage is based on infinitely working independent programs, where no one, even the creators, have any control over their operation.

The smart contract makes their logic immutable, so it cannot be changed or destroyed as it is stored in the blockchain. Combination of economically sound programs and immutability of the smart contract makes Forsage unstoppable.

No authorities, hackers, or even the founders can interfere and make any changes. Forsage will operate as long as the Internet exists. More 👇

• User-friendly Dashboard

A personal dashboard provides interactive visualization of a user’s structure in online mode.

Users can monitor the number of partners, the current state of activated slots, and all the other significant data in real time.

• No Special Equipment or Knowledge Required

All you need to interact with the platform is a smartphone, tablet, or computer. No special equipment is required. You also don’t need any special education or experience to build your online business with Forsage.

You can learn everything you need on the go, as you create your Forsage account.

Forsage is a community that grows naturally, by inviting new partners, so the person who invited you can walk you through all the steps and ensure you get everything right.

💡 Forsage Platforms

• Forsage BUSD

Forsage BUSD is the latest and the most popular marketing program at the moment.

The advantages of Forsage BUSD:

  • Speedy transactions

  • Low fees (less than $1)

  • A steady price pegged to US dollar

  • All BUSD supply is backed by USD

  • NYDFS approved

  • BNB option ⤵️

The fact that BUSD equals USD makes it easier to engage new partners and explain to them the mechanics of the platform.

  1. BSC

  2. BEP-20

  3. Entry cost: 10 BUSD

4 programs available: x3, x4, xXx, xGold

• Forsage Ethereum

Forsage Ethereum was the first one to be launched. So far it has over 1,000,000 users who have earned more than 700,000 ETH, which equals 780,000,000+ USD.

  • ERC-20

  • Entry cost: 0.05 ETH

3 programs available: x3, x4, xGold

Advantages of Forsage Ethereum:

  • Largest crypto community

  • Second cryptocurrency by capitalization

  • The opportunity to make money on the growth of cryptocurrency

  • Reliable and stable network

Disadvantages of Forsage Ethereum:

  • High network commission

  • Low transaction speed

  • The cost of entry is highly dependent on the price of the cryptocurrency

• Forsage Tron

Forsage Tron was launched as a solution to the challenges that arose in Forsage ETH, namely high fees and slow transactions. So far Forsage Tron boasts 450,000+ users with a total turnover of 113,000,000+ USD.

  • Tron Network

  • TRC-20

  • Entry cost: 200 TRX

3 programs available: x3, x4, xGold

Advantages of Forsage Tron:

  • Instant transactions

  • Low network fees

  • Affordable and easy start

Disadvantages of Forsage Tron:

🔻 Possible transaction errors due to congested network

💡 Education & Promotion

Forsage also provides free educational and promotional materials, as well as onboarding courses and 24/7 support.

It will help to create promotional materials, promote the idea and philosophy of our community, and will allow you to expand your team and attract more members.

You can find the following information in the brand book ⤵️

  • Horizontal and stacked logos

  • Icons with light and dark colors

  • Wordmark, gradients, construction

  • Logo use on photography

  • Safe space, minimum size

  • Logos misuse

  • Brand colors

  • Business cards

  • Social networks design

💡 Forsage Crypto Economy

Understanding the economy behind Forsage programs is essential for everyone who aims to build their online business in this ecosystem.

• Forsage Marketing

Forsage marketing is a matrix system based on decentralized smart contract technology. Profits come from inviting new partners to your team, who, once registered, stay with you forever since it is recorded in blockchain.

The income is distributed automatically and instantly to the personal wallets of the participants. Participants have access to 4 marketing programs, different in terms of profitability and conditions of interaction between partners.

The most efficient method is to use all of these programs in parallel. The validity of the levels is not limited. Once activated, any level of the program becomes assigned to you forever and does not require any additional payments.

Higher levels bring more income.

• Profit

The levels of each program contain a fixed number of spots. Marketing profit is generated from the value of the level in which your downline partner occupied a spot.

Forsage marketing is built in such a way that income from one cycle is enough to activate the next level. As soon as all the spots in the level are filled, a new cycle automatically begins.

The number of cycles is not limited. A level activated once allows you to invite an unlimited number of new partners.

All personal partners whom you invite are assigned to you forever, and this cannot be changed, since the data is recorded in the blockchain.

Also, your referral linkage remains unchanged, you can't change your upline partner.

About Personal Link

• Funds storage

Forsage smart contracts are programmed in such a way that they never store participants' funds, their balance is always zero. The purpose of the smart contract is to automatically redirect funds from incoming transactions to the wallets of other participants, according to marketing program rules.

To become a Forsage member, you need a personal crypto wallet.

Only you have access to the funds. All rewards are instantly credited to your personal wallet. All transactions are stored in the public domain in a blockchain.

You can easily check each transaction and see where the funds have been transferred.

• Website website is an interface that facilitates interaction with the platform.

The main purpose of the website is to display statistics on the flow of participants' funds based on the data received from the smart contract of the platform.

Database synchronization with the blockchain occurs every 30 seconds.

• Registration

Registration is the activation of first levels in Forsage x3 and x4 programs in one of the three blockchains.

The first levels in x3 and x4 programs are always activated together and cannot be accessed separately.

All the following levels can be purchased one by one, in ascending order. Registration transaction is credited to the smart contract.

The smart contract records your wallet number into the structure and redirects the funds to the personal wallet of the person that invited you (your upline partner).

You occupy a free spot in their first level of x3 program and the first level of x4 program. Level 1 of x3 and Level 1 of x4 are respectively opened for you, and now you can invite partners through your personal referral link.

After activation of the first levels of x3 and x4 programs, the xXx (in Forsage BUSD) and xGold program activation becomes available.

Learn more about Forsage BUSD marketing here ⤵️

💡 Forsage Programs

How Forsage x3 works

All partners in your Forsage X3 program levels are the people whom you’ve personally invited. When partners register in the program using your referral link, they take spots below you.

Distribution of rewards when filling each spot in a level of the program is as follows:

  • The first partner you invite is placed on the first spot below you.

Reward of 100% goes to your personal wallet.

  • The second partner is placed on the second spot below you.

You also get 100% reward to your personal wallet.

  • The third partner is placed on the third spot below you and completes the cycle.

Forsage x3 program → 3 places in a cycle, +200% profit from each cycle, 1 recycle = level cost. Best for fast profits from direct partners.

100% of the income goes to your upline 100% partner's wallet, and a new cycle immediately begins for you, and you can fill up the spots again by inviting new partners.

Likewise with your partners. Each time your partner completes the cycle of his level, you receive a payment to the wallet in 100% of the level cost, and the partner opens the new cycle again. At the same time, this partner takes a new place under you.

Thus, the same partner can occupy several places in a row in your levels.

How Forsage x4 works

In Forsage x4 program you can invite personal partners, as well as receive spillovers from above and below.

  • The partners who occupy two spots below you in the first line are also in the second line of your upline's level.

Reward of 100% goes to upline's wallet.

  • By the same principle, you receive income 100% not from the first, but from the second line.

Forsage x4 Program → 6 places in a cycle, +300% profit from each cycle, automatic level recycle = level cost. Best for fast profits from partners in the 1st & 2nd lines.

Rewards from partners who occupy these spots instantly go to your wallet in the amount of 100%.

The partner completes the cycle of the level, the reward of 100% 100% goes to your upline, and the new cycle begins for you.

When a partner on the 2nd line joins your upline, they take a place in your 1st line — that is, you receive a spillover from above. Similarly, a spillover can come from below. When a partner comes to your downline on the 1st line, then they will take a place on your 2nd line.

Thus, places in the x4 levels can be occupied by people invited only by you, or there can be none invited by you, or mixed.

Do not forget to activate the next level after the 1st cycle so as not to miss payments on the previous level.

How Forsage xXx works

  • First line (2 places): rewards go to your upline partners.

  • Second line (4 places): you get 30% of the level cost from each of the four partners, and 70% goes to the upline, since for him they are partners of the 4th line.

  • Third line (8 places): you get 70% from each, 30% goes to the upline.

Forsage xXx program → 14 places in a cycle, +580% profit from each cycle, 1 recycle = level cost. Best for progressive profits from personal partners and their affiliate structures.

How Forsage xGold works

The advantage of xGold program is a larger number of partners and spillover opportunities, which generates an income of 1020% from one cycle of the level.

  • First line (2 places): rewards go to your upline partner

  • Second line (4 places): you get 20% from each spot

  • Third line (8 places): you get 30% from each spot Fourth line (16 places): you get 50% from each participant (30% and 20% are distributed to upline partners).

Forsage xGold Program → 30 places in a cycle, +1020% profit from each cycle, 1 recycle = level cost. Best for progressive profits from a large and deep affiliate structure.

💡 Forsage Ecosystem

Forsage is not just a platform or a project.

In the past 2 years it has grown into an ecosystem that has all what it takes to build an online business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of all the resources that we have.

🔹 Forsage Website is the main hub where the community members interact with the smart contract.

On the main page you can find the key points about Forsage, check out the results of some random users, and track the number of Forsage community members and their total result.

After logging in, you open your personal dashboard where you can see a visualization of your structure. Here you can activate new levels and programs, track your progress, and download some ready-made promo materials for attracting new team members.

We’re always searching for new ways to make our website more user-friendly, so you can notice new interface elements and features every now and then.

🔹 Forsage Community is a website where the community leaders are posting articles, tips and news. Here you can find a huge variety of comprehensive materials that will make your journey with Forsage easier.

You can learn how to invite and engage new partners, how to increase your profit, how to promote your referral link, etc. There are also detailed guides on how to make your first steps in the crypto world, how to buy and swap crypto, how to install a wallet, how to protect yourself from scammers and fraudsters.

You can read these articles or send them to your team to educate them.

🔹 Forsage Academy is a free educational online facility for everyone who wants to learn more about Forsage and crypto.

Academy courses are set up by community experts who have successfully grown their teams to thousands of participants and even more. All courses are absolutely free and do not require any special knowledge.

You can start at any time and study from wherever you are. All you need is a smartphone or other device, and Internet access.

🔹 Forsage Help Center is an online knowledge base with guides and instructions covering all the essential topics for Forsage community members.

Help Center is the main official source of information about marketing programs, registration, profit, and other key topics. You can address the Help Center yourself, or share the articles with your team members.

🔹 Forsage Support is a 24/7 online support service where you can look for help and guidance. Our support officers are always there for you, providing tips and instructions for any situation that you may encounter.

You can get support in 10 languages, and we’re constantly working on adding new languages.

🔹 Forsage Telegram Bots notify users about everything that goes on in their account, e.g. new partners, referral bonuses, level freezing, etc. Please note that Forsage doesn’t have any investment bots.

Fraudsters often launch fake bots that may mislead users. The only way to register in Forsage and activate new levels is the website.

🔹 Forsage Smart Game is an online activity launched in 2022. Its mechanics is different from Forsage, and the goal of the Game is to bring some excitement and create a buzz in the crypto community.

🔹 Forsage Online Events are organized by top users to shake up the community and spread the word about Forsage. So far we’ve had marathons, contests, flashmobs, challenges and many more.

🔹 Forsage Offline Events are hosted by local teams in different countries to support users and share the best practices.

Forsage Ecosystem continues to grow, so even more is yet to come.

💡 How much can you earn with Forsage

Your income is not limited. The platform does not impose any restrictions on the number of incoming transactions and amounts per account.

The only way to earn here is to invite new partners to your team. Successful Forsage users are professionally engaged in promoting their business with Forsage on the Internet.

More than 50 Forsage members, using the most basic tools like Youtube, Instagram, or personal blog, managed to earn a million dollars.

💡 Forsage Media

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