SmartGame PRO Blockchain Game Overview

A new blockchain game called SmartGame PRO was launched within the Forsage ecosystem. In this article, we will explore the Game, and shed some light on how to play it, what rewards you can get, and why it is worth joining the Game today.

What is SmartGame PRO

SmartGame PRO is a smart contract game with brand new, unique reward distribution mechanics. Everyone is welcome to participate. All you need is Internet access and a cryptocurrency wallet for the rewards to be sent to.
The Game has no time limit. Moreover, there are built-in features that encourage players to be constantly engaged by reactivating levels in order to continue receiving rewards. The Game will be running as long as the blockchain itself is operating.
When participants sign up for the Game, they are automatically enrolled in the main Forsage programs, if they haven't registered for them already.
This means that when you invite partners, you create a team not only in the Game, but also in the main Forsage structure, and can continue to work with it.

Why it's secure

  • The Game is based on a smart contract that can't be stopped or modified.
  • The website is just an interface, so even if it stops working, it won't affect the Game in any way. You can also activate levels manually.
  • The balance of the smart contract is equal to zero, the Game does not collect or store funds. All funds from the activation of levels are instantly distributed among the personal wallets of the participants.
  • The authors of the idea have the same rights and limits as all other players.
  • Anti-script protection: script users will be automatically detected by a special system and excluded from participation instantly.
There are two types of rewards. You can play alone or with a team. You can receive a reward without inviting new players. If you want to improve the result, then invite new participants and get a partner bonus.

How the Game works

There are 36 levels in SmartGame PRO.
The levels in SmartGame PRO are opened every 24 hours according to the schedule programmed in the smart contract. All levels operate independently of each other.
Players are placed on them in random order. New lines are filled with participants from previous lines as well as new participants.
Rewards are generated when players activate levels. The smart contract immediately distributes the reward in the amount of 100% of the cost of level activation between players' personal wallets according to the following algorithm:
  • BASIC REWARD — the largest part of the level's cost is distributed among the wallets of randomly selected players on the current line.
  • PARTNER REWARD — the remaining part of the level cost is distributed among several upline players.
  • COMPLETION REWARD — the player receives an additional bonus as soon as he closes 5 lines.

How much you can get

Each level activation gives you the opportunity to make 5 cycles and get the full basic reward 5 times from 5 lines. If you do not have an adjacent more expensive level activated, receiving the reward will be frozen after 2 cycles. You need to have a more expensive level activated to unfreeze it.
This allows the Game to constantly progress, since players do not stop after activating all levels, but continue to reactivate them.

Participating in the Game is a key to the Forsage ecosystem

Your referral structure from Forsage BUSD is preserved. If you have participated in the Forsage ecosystem before, you already have your personal ID. If you haven't participated yet, you will automatically receive an ID at the time of registration.

What it provides

Every participant you invite to the Game automatically becomes part of your team in Forsage BUSD. You can develop your team only in the Game, but it is more beneficial to tell your team members about other Forsage products and grow in them together.
One ID is the key to all existing and upcoming products. The authors of the idea will release new products on a regular basis, and your team will be all set to participate because everyone has an ID in Forsage.

Why it's promising

Blockchain games are experiencing a rise in popularity right now. People are attracted by the game mechanics and the transparency of all transactions. The game is probably the easiest and most enjoyable way to take your first steps in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
Having easily mastered the Game, a participant can explore more sophisticated products.

To learn more, check out the Game official resources